Summary of Learning

When I first look back on my very first day of ECS 210 and then to my very last few days, I’ve realized that the class wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be like. I was a little unsure about what it really was going to be like or about. Honestly, I was a little worried it was going to be a lot of heavy document readings and a lot of theory work. It wasn’t near what I expected and I ended up really enjoying going to class.

As a future teacher I still feel there are areas I could use some growth in, but I feel like I might always have room to grow and improve inside and outside of my classroom. I’m still a little nervous about things like making a mistake while teaching Treaty Education but in the next two years I plan on learning more to help me feel more comfortable.

This class was the first class I’ve taken that has allowed me to really look deeper into the curriculum and create a unit and lesson plan. I found that very helpful because it was an area I had no experience in before. Video

Overall, this class has taught me many new things that I plan on using and learning more about in my future.


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University of Regina Elementary Education Student

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